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Banking & Finance  
Prevent robberies and enhance client confidence
Public Safety & Law Enforcement  
Excellent coverage and equipment from a cutting-edge surveillance system.
Schools & Education  
XON reduces vandalism and theft; increase student and faculty security in schools.
Hospitals & Medical Centers  
Construct the medical remote live view technology and create the interactive teaching platform of medical center and hospital.
Gaming & Hospitality  
XON allows casino to monitor public safety, gaming disputes and to detect fraud, cheating and theft.
Manufacturing & Supply Chains  
XON solution has monitored Industy branches and employee safety
Retail Surveillance  
XON improves loss prevention in retail stores and shopping mall.
Airports, Ports & Transportation  
XON System provides stable open platform for existing analog cameras and new IP cameras, improving passenger safety and protecting property.
Green Consolidation  
XON improves loss prevention in retail stores and shopping mall.
NDVR Systems Overview  
The X-ON line up of Recording Server from Versiton is analytic powerhouse, highly-scalable, and IT friendly.
The X-ON is designed to meet the complex application and integration requirements of large deployments with options such as external storage and Server Operating System, while providing all of the Intelligent Surveillance and Search capabilities that you would expect only from Versiton.
*IP Camera count limitation based on the Frame/Quality/Bitrate/Resolution. Live video maybe disabled on the server to allow more IP cameras to be installed into system.
**6 Types of analog camera capture device can be installed at maximum of 32 Channels (2 x 16CH)

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